The school

Jasveer Singh Khatoli founded the M.S. Memorial School Khatoli in 2002. The village of Khatoli is situated just off the main road between Jaipur to Udaipur in Rajasthan, north of Kishangarh and counts 6000 inhabitants. 60% Hindu and 40% Muslim who live peacefully together.

Jasveer Singh Khatoli is Rajput and member of the highest family in the village. When I first met him, I knew him as a serious young man. He appreciates his fellow man, heritage and his home country very much.
His deepest wish, he puts it: "I want that every person from our village should learn to read and write.
This is what I want for my village. I cannot do this for all of India but I can do this for my village."
Five years ago he was elected SARPANCH, i.e. mayor of Khatoli and five surrounding villages and he was greatly appreciated.

On my first visit in 2003 the school was housed in the building complex of Jasveer Singh's family. 80 children attended the school. Each usable space was converted into a classroom.
Additional classrooms were urgently needed.

Education is seen as important and holds a high social value in India. It is not compulsory to attend school but parents try hard to send their children to private schools. Indian schooling usually comprises two
pre-school years followed by eight school-years after which students can go to college. Indian parents are aware of the value of education and make great efforts to allow their children to go to school. The Indian education system knows as Primaryschool two pre-school years and eight school years. The ninth and tenth grade correspond to the Secondary School, the eleventh and the twelfth grade correspond to the Senior Secondary School and allow the transfer to a college or to the university.

A student pays on average following the grade in the school a fee of CHF 100.00 per year. A fee which is affordable to most parents. For students whose parents can not pay the school fees, a fund exists. This payment covers only a portion of the costs of maintaining the school and the teachers' salaries. The construction of the school was not possible without outside help.