Up to date

The two new buildings next to the high school were completed in the fall.

One building has four additional classrooms. The other consists of an office, hospital room, caretaker's room, tea kitchen and storage space. Everything was urgently necessary.

In November Sandra and Paul were in Khatoli. Sandra set up the new tailor room and trained with the teacher on what can be designed there. We found many beautiful fabrics in Jaipur. The girls are highly motivated and the first pillows and bags are beautiful.

Paul activated the workspace and brought new ideas. A carpenter will supervise the work on an hourly basis in the future. Mahipal and Paul bought lots of colorful play equipment for the little ones' playground in Jaipur and they were an immediate huge success!

In 2003 it was a vision and a dream. It is a gift that was made possible thanks to many friends.
To all, thank you very much!