Up to date

All schools in India have been closed since the end of March 2020 and until the end of the year for the time being.
An entire school year for 1,300 students in Khatoli has been lost as a result of the pandemic!

Last year JLM Khatoli High School moved into the new building and 470 senior secondary students in grades 9-12 will be there in bright, generous spaces taught. Grades 1-8, pre-school classes and kindergarten are housed in the buildings in the village.

- The new computer room with 20 computers, internet, screen and beamer was completed.
- A workshop for handicrafts was set up.
- The urgently needed teachers' rooms were realized in both buildings.
- Finally a spacious sports ground is available.
- 9 school buses transport the students from 14 surrounding villages.

Everything was well on the way for the future of the school, then came the worldwide shock!
In Khatoli, 1,300 students and 45 teachers are unhappy, desperate and almost helpless.
The teachers and many parents are without income and everything is missing!
In spite of everything, we trust in a hopeful future.

In 2003 it was a vision and a dream. It is a gift that was made possible thanks to many friends.
To all, thank you very much!