Up to date

2003 was a vision and a dream, and for all of us it is a gift which became reality with the help of a lot of friends.

The standards of quality for a school of 1075 students are evolving apparantely and the outstanding results of the exams confirm the wonderful work of teachers and principals.

In 2018 several favored helper and visitors were in Khatoli:
The entire schoolyard has been nicely paved and is therefore easaly to walk on even in the Monsoon seasons.
-Sabine trained with success already several times teachers in teaching methods, and is very much liked by the students for her English lessons. Her knowledge in Hindi is of great help by the contatcs with the families in the village.
-Nathalie was very favored with her instructions and advices for dental care and replaced a lot of broken shoes of the school uniform.
-Jani completed a stay for studying language in the summser time inKhatolibefore his bachelor.
-Daniel checked all computers, inspired the lessons and sponsered more printers and laptops.
-Andi planted bushes and trees in the recreational yard for the smallest.

To all, thank you very much!