Our students in Khatoli mainly live in simple rural extended families.
Social distance and hygiene according to our standards are not possible.
There is no financial aid from the government.
For this reason, the pandemic affects people comparatively more severely.

We tried to provide some help with some food distribution campaigns.
This is also thanks to generous donations from Claire Martignier with "India & You". She also organized the delivery of protective masks.

We have given more financial aid this year, which is the only way at the moment to alleviate existential misery. A number of generous donations from friends and that of Sepp Iten's charity golf tournaments have made this possible and supported significantly.

The community of Oberägeri has a very generous donation awarded to the school in Khatoli. We have decided that this donation in full is distributed among the teachers as they have had no income for months.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!