A school class accepts sponsorships in India

The class of Mrs. Aellig and Mrs. Latscha collect money during school project week with Radio Chico. Eagerly they have tinkered for their 'belly stores' and on March 17, together with the innkeeper couple of the restaurant Traube in Herrenschwanden, they cooked a splendid Indian cooked dinner. They sold everything and the parents and siblings of the students enjoyed the wonderful food.

Absolutely amacing 1'751.70 they have collected as future godfather of a child from Khatoli school in Indian. Enough time for an entire year of school .....
A child? A girl or a boy? The boys wanted to be godfather of a boy and the girls godmother of a girl... Girls god of a girl ...
The choice was difficult: Anjali or Kamlesh? Both children have made it into the hearts of the students and so the class pays half the school fees for each child.

Truly, an idea worth imitating!

Great news of 2017: Anjali received a scholarship for a "Government Model School" in result of her outstanding achievements. We are very happy for her and have decided to transfer her half of the school fees onto the very determined Kamlesh to support him completely.