Up to date

2003 was a vision and a dream, and for all of us it is almost unbeliveable, what became reality with the help of a lot of friends.

The new building for the Physics/Chemistry/Biology Laboratory has been completed. The rooms are very well equipped and the laboratories are now state-of-the-art teaching facilities.

At the same time, the building for the bathrooms has been completely rebuilt and are now on a truly contemporary tandard.

The entire schoolyard has been nicely paved and is therefore easaly to walk on even in the Monsoon seasons.

All classrooms have been repainted and are bright and friendly again.

The standard of the school for the 1050 students has improved visibly!

Jasveer Singh was here in Switzerland for a few weeks this year, and was able to attend classes in various schools. He was very impressed by the quality of our schools. Above all, the diverse subjects like handicraft and cooking and the great importance of sport lessons. There are still several decades of development between Switzerland and Khatoli!
Nevertheless, he took a lot of realizable ideas and suggestions for Khatoli with him.

This school is an important and wonderful project in the heart of Rajasthan.

Even with a small contribution it is possible to move a lot.